Healthcare & Social Care

The landscape in healthcare is a continuously evolving environment.  With discoveries comes unique challenges and opportunities.  Patients and stakeholders demand transparent, cost-effective quality healthcare.  At the same time, health care providers are experiencing frustration at the lack of cohesiveness and coordination that impedes their ability to achieve greater results collectively.

·         Population is aging. People are living longer but there is a major gap between those who can live at home independently and those who qualify for long term care;

·         Unhealthy lifestyles lead to an increase incidence of illness and chronic disease;

·         Anticipated labour shortage resulting in aging population and younger workforce;

·         Knowledge gap and work standards differ between experienced staff and entry-level staff;

·         Far-reaching bureaucracy, including legislation and ineffective incentives lead to an increase in health care costs making up 10-18.5% of the national GDP (Canada, the Netherlands, United States);

·         Healthcare is more collaborative, requiring people to work inter professionally.

Oteos has a strong focus on team development, the customer (patient) experience and employee experience. It’s those factors that build a solid foundation for your organization and make it possible to face challenges and changes.  Our knowledgeable healthcare specialists focus on the human factors affected by the current trends and can help organizations face the challenges in the current healthcare environment.