How it all started

It all started in 2011…
With a degree in applied psychology in his pocket, Jeffrey Kronenburg, faced an unreal moment of freedom in which the world lay at his feet. However, the labor market turned out to be saturated and searching for employment had become a full-time job. Because little progress was realized, creative ideas were soon born to improve the world by connecting people and organizations and supporting them in their development. Oteos was a fact!

The working human being is something Jeffrey has always been intrigued by as work embraces an important part of our existence. It is not for nothing that he graduated in age-conscious management with the personal philosophy of keeping employees healthy, motivated and involved within organizations as long as possible.

Soon after starting Oteos, Jeffrey was offered a full-time job. While he held various management positions in various industries, Oteos slowly developed along the sidelines and was referred to as the “sleeping giant” by some.

Driven by the loving people around him and the experience he had already gained in the field, the Giant was awakened. In 2018 his wonderful wife, Mikki Kronenburg, joined the company and offered a lot of knowledge in the fields of Healthcare and Hospitality. 

Together with a highly motivated team of specialists and experienced experts, they make the difference for organizations, their employees and customers on a daily base.

We are proud of the impact our passion for people has.

Oteos is now an important international player in the market of employee experience, customer experience, positive leadership and team development!

Let us inspire you and your employees and develop your organization together!