Transportation is booming on many levels! The sector covers the main modes of transport such as road, air, marine, and rail for both passenger and goods transportation. Technologies are rapidly changing as do the needs of consumers and stakeholders in the sector.  Smart, balanced decisions need to be made regarding techniques and human factors to ensure transportation is accessible and resilient in the future.

Shortage of qualified staff for their busses and trucks is a struggle for businesses worldwide. At the same time, there is a rising question for their services and staff wages are increasing. Customers are more demanding than ever as they increasingly pay more for the same services. High quality is therefore needed!

The most dominant global trends in transportation at the moment:

·         Fast rising technical solutions; (development)

·         Rapid increase of tourism;  

·         Customers want cost-effective and convenience while expecting more from the experience; (Earnings & Service levels)

·         Shortage of qualified staff; (employment)

·         The landscape of international trade is changing;  (economic  trends)

As expected, there are challenges associated with the current trends in transportation.  Despite an increase in technology such as information apps for customers and intelligent transportation systems, it is often a challenge to keep data current and accurate. Safety and security also continue to be a priority, especially since the pressure in the sector increases. These challenges often overshadow the human factor’s impact on the customer experience.  We believe that human interaction is the most crucial part of the experience. There are things that technology simply can’t replace!  Keeping the current trends in mind, we guide businesses through the challenges they face so they can keep expanding and keep their customers and employees satisfied.