The art of being a good employer

It’s not as easy as it sometimes seems! 

Unique gifts

We offer a fine selection of unique gifts to show your appreciation to your employees and develop the people and teams within your organization. Of course, there’s no better gift than personal attention and making time for your employees, but a little gift won’t hurt the relationship and can do wonders!

We developed Customer Engagers and Staff Connectors – a collection of unique gift boxes that impact your employees and customers or business relations. Consisting of snacks, drinks and something fun or something personal contributing to development!

What are the possibilities? 

Options for any budget

Personal note

Parcel or mail-box

Dutch or English

Snacks multiple options

Drinks multiple options

Challenging card-sets / work forms

The fun element

Let us know what you are looking for in a box and we will bring everything together! 

Thanks For Caring Box

A box full of love for those who care and take care of others! No work environment has been under heavier pressure than the healthcare sector. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, our expectations of healthcare workers are higher than ever before. Whether it is the nurse, housekeeper, respiratory therapist, nurses aide, physician, or anyone else in the healthcare sector, they all deserve acknowledgement of their dedication during this difficult time.

What greater gesture than to surprise your staff members with the "thanks for caring box". A token of your appreciation and to help maintain healthy work-life balance.

The box will be carefully composed to your wishes. We have a fine selection of products and sparkling work forms. We can custom make the layout and content, add your logo, arrange shipping or process the personal note in the box.

Temporary Out Of Office Box

The already changing work dynamics got a boost since the Covid-19 outbreak. People all over the world ended up in lockdowns and forced to work from home! Unfortunately, the year 2021 is not going to be any different. Many employers are searching for ways to support their staff members as much as possible to adjust in these difficult times. Work-life balance is changing and so are the team dynamics and level of personal development.

Are you looking for a nice way to support your staff members? Ever thought about the “temporary out of office box”? The ultimate box to show your employees appreciation and give both personal as team development a boost at the same time.

Nothing is cut in in stone. There is space to adjust the box to your personal wishes and budget. We can custom make the layout and content, add your logo, arrange shipping or process the personal note in the box.

Friday Afternoon Drinks Box

Work hard, play hard! The end of a week of hard work screams for a celebration! Just a good reason to have a little party amongst colleagues or friends to socialize and blow off some steam. To celebrate the weekend, but also to have a moment of true connection! At the office, your favorite cafe around the corner or since the Covid-19 pandemic on Zoom or Teams from home behind your screen!

Do you want to organize one of those for your staff members, club members of maybe even family members? Let us know and we will make you an offer you can’t resist.

We have a great selection of products and self-developed sets of challenging cards with missions, questions and dilemma’s. Enough for a long afternoon or evening of good quality conversations and fun!

The Workshop

Prefer one of our inspiring workshops to develop your team? Engage your customers? Or master the art of being a good employer?  We offer a wide variety of  impactful workshops to match your needs and make your team rise.  

Remember “if you want a plant to grow, you don’t start pulling it. You take care of it, water it, and make sure it’s in the right environment”.

Let the magic work for you! 

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso