Rock the bus!

Rock the bus!

Sometimes people from unexpected angles can make your day just by simply loving their job. The other day I had a short but sweet ride on a GVB bus in Amsterdam with a bus driver that rocked the bus..

It was December 5th 2018, a children’s holiday in Holland, raining like crazy and not particularly warm outside. After a short walk from the office I got to the bus stop. Nowhere to hide from the rain, I was incredibly happy to see the trusted blue and white coming around the corner. People lined up quickly to get in the already pretty full bus. The surprisingly happy bus driver welcomed every passenger boarding the bus and we took off. Soon a little child started to cry. No one is really hoping for a crying child at the end of the day, but our driver thought different and started to sing the little girl a song using his microphone.  This amazing move created a warm feeling all over the bus. People took their headphones off and listened to the driver and I saw smiles everywhere.

Every stop we made the driver wished the leaving passengers a happy holiday. Using the dynamics of his voice and a healthy doses of humor he informed and entertained his customers. It was amazing to see what impact the driver’s behaviour had on the atmosphere and the people on the bus. He truly created an amazing customer experience. In every little thing he did he thought about the customer and made them the center of attention!

GVB can be proud!

Hospitality was truly brought up to a new level! GVB can be proud to have a pearl shining this bright working for them to make the difference for their customers every day!

Arriving late wasn’t even an issue for me after a ride as good as this. It was almost disappointing that I had to leave the bus at the end stop. I would have loved to experience more and especially to see all the other passengers be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality on this bus.

So reviewing his customer excellence from both a customers as a business perspective we can come to the conclusion that the driver ticked all the boxes!

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